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My history with the franchise

My history with that franchise takes me gback to when I bought my first laptop back in 2017. The first two games I about after getting that mid-range laptop were Gmod and Half life 2. I love both games to death, I've beaten Half-Life 2 along with every other games listed above and I spent more than 500 h0ours in Gmod goofing around in sandbox, making screenshots, joining random servers, etc. I even tried to make some addons, I made a playermodel and a map because I was intrigued by the process of making this kind of content. I spent hours exploring the workshop in search of new addons to mess with. I spent hours exploring the server list in search of fun gamemodes to play.

As for Half-Life, as I said before, I've beaten the whole franchise, I've played mods of those games, watched coutless videos about trivia on those games, I've watched the 25th anniversary documentary of the first Half-Life. I've also played Half-Life's remake Black Mesa and it was awesome. It took Half-life as a base and built upon it and improving the more lackluster chapter of the original game. Half-Life Alyx was one of the best VR game I've played in my life, the gameplay was amazing, the atmosphere was awesome and the scenery was beautiful, just like any other game in the franchise it was groundbreaking for the genre.