This console is my childhood...

For as long as I can remember this white brick was part of my living room. For as I can remember I've been playin' this damn thing and, to be honest, I only have good memories with it. I remember corrupting the system by, if I recall correctly, shutting down the console during an update. Why did I do that? Because I was a stupid child. Th cooruption was so bad that I couldn't access the settings so i couldn't format the console to fix the corruption. I eventually managed to fix it with homebrew. Since I hadn't access to the system settings to format the wii, I extracted the NAND to the SD card and use a software (don't remember what software) to format it on the PC.

Although I dabbled in homebrew, most of my memories were made as a child. So, I have a lot of memories of playing Wii Party, Wii Sport or New Super Mario Bros Wii with my sibling. I created random Miis, got plenty of blue shells, etc. The only thing that's missing from my experience on the Wii is the online play, I only played offline on that thing.

My Childhood Games